The thrill of hitting the power band is real.

How It All Begun

The person who got me into my interests was my dad.

Ever since I have been able to pick up a wrench I have enjoyed my interest.

The part I enjoy the most about my interest is the adrenaline rush.

I have joined a tech class on one of my interest and meet new people and gained new knowledge.

Who I Look Up To

The person I look up to the most is my dad. The reason I look up to him the most is because I live in a family of seven and my dad is the only other boy. He is the one that has always been there to pick me up when I fall down. That is why I look up to my dad.

some of the top jobs include:

Sure to be filled with adrenaline, acomplishment, and roadrash.

The two major questions I still have about the jobs that I found are: How will I get there? What will I need to get there?

The next big steps

some of the steps I need to take are:

1. Research some schools for mechanics.

2.Get in to racing.

3.With the class I am in now, learn as much as I can from it.

4. Talk to some people who have tried to decide on jobs before.

5.Outline a plan to get to a destination.