Our Second Life

By: Hailey Gershon

All there birthdays

Connor Franta: September 12,1992

Jc Caylen: September 11,1992

Kian Lawley: September 2, 1995

Ricky Dillon: April 4, 1992

Sam Pottorff: October 19, 1995

Trevor Moran: September 30, 1998

When O2L started!!

O2L started in the summer of 2012, All the boys thought it would be a good idea if they made a collab channel together. At first there was a guy named Ricardo in it and there other friend Kian opted out of it. Until 4 months later Kian joined and Ricardo left.

When O2L broke up........ :(

Our second life broke up about two weeks on December 31. They all had a video by themselves, saying there goodbye to all the fans of O2L. They looked so up set in there last videos. Personally I could of cried because how sad they looked. :(

What they do on there channel!!!

They do challenges and tags but different ones every week. Each guy has there own day during week.

Connor: Monday

Ricky: Tuesday

Sam: Wednesday

Jc: Thursday

Trevor: Friday

Kian: Sunday