The Walking Dead

Written by Charlie Adlard and Illustrated by Cliff Rathburn

Lead Characters?

Rick (the main character), Lori (Rick's wife), Carl (Rick's son), Governor (Antagonist), and Tyreese (survivor).


A group of survivors help each other to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse. The group of survivors are lead by a Sheriff's deputy named Rick. But in a zombie apocalypse, the zombies aren't the only threat...

Why did I like this book?

I liked this book because it had a very exciting story line and it was very suspenseful.

Favorite part

My favorite part of the book was when Tyreese heroically fought all of the zombies in the prisons gym and actually made it out alive hours later. The reason why I favored this part is because the writter made it so convincing that Tyreese died, but the writter also did an excellent job revealing that he survived.

If I could change anything...

If I could change anything, I would take the survivors out of the prison because I feel like it would more exciting and thrilling if there was more danger.

Did I like the characters?

Yes, I liked most of the characters. Except for the governor.


I recommend this book to people that like graphic novels with an apocalyptic storyline.

Some adjectives to describe this book in...

This book is Frightening, gory, thrilling, consuming, and engaging.


If you're not good with literature or English what so ever, that's fine. This book uses colloquial language.

Level of language

This language makes it easy to follow along with the book. Even a ten year old could follow this book.

Examples of figurative language

-I remember it happening, but it's like i was seeing it from outside my body.(Adlard pg. ?)

-They're getting along like a house on fire. As usual.(Adlard pg. ?)