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Spring 2017

The Department

The teacher's of the World Language department have worked hard this year with the 3 modes of communication ACTFL (American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages) recommends as performance descriptors for language learners. In the coming years all parents of world language students will become familiar with the Interpersonal, Presentational and Interpretive modes we develop the curriculum around. Within these modes we use "I can" statements which will help the students understand the goal each is striving to. In addition the five Cs are built into our lessons (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities). We believe language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. Our students are assessed using the performance descriptors outlined by ACTFL.. These descriptors form a "roadmap" for teaching and learning. If you are interested in more information regarding the design of our curriculum check out

LOLHS visits Cuba!

Mr. McGannon led a group of 10 to Cuba over April break. They visited spots all over Havana, met wonderful, friendly Cubans, ate delicious food, danced at a jazz club, spoke a lot of Spanish, toured downtown in classic 1950's cars, visited a cigar plantation, & swam in the Gulf of Mexico! They hope to return sometime soon!

Spanish 1 students find amigos in Kentucky

The students in Mr. McGannon's Spanish I class exchanged letters with a Spanish class in Kentucky. They learned about 2 girls from Owenville, KY and introduced themselves to them with a picture and some background information. The pictures feature a cutout the Kentucky girls sent out to appear in different states near & far. The kids were happy to help out & wrote some great letters!

Espanol 2 - Grade 8

Senora Russell's Spanish 2 students have celebrated the end of each unit with food prepared by the students themselves. Everything from churros to dulce de leche. Most recently for cinco de mayo a variety of salsa was sampled to determine the class's favorite brand. Along with the celebrations have gone lots of hard work mastering conversation about daily routines, being healthy and storytelling including legends of the Aztecs. Our last unit has been has a superhero theme. Students have been quite creative as they have teamed up to save the world.

Espanol 1

LOLMS Spanish 1 students became architects as they each designed a dream bachelor pad of their own. Once designed a presentation of the home was given working on the I can statements: I can tell the rooms in a house and items found in each room. I can tell where the rooms are located. I can say what activities people might do in various rooms. Students worked to ask and answer questions with each other about the homes. The last unit is the beach, summer and foods we enjoy in the summer.

Spanish - Grade 6 Senora Carrion

No puede ser! Another sixth grade year has almost come to a close. This has been a wonderful year with an incredible group of students. They have come so far with their learning this year. Every one of them should be very proud. The pictures included here show some of the fun that we had with our restaurant unit when students created menus of foods and wrote skits about being in a restaurant. They all performed in front of the class and had a great time, as you can see! With each new project that we worked on in class, these kids impressed me with their willingness to dive in and use the Spanish language. Most recently we learned about family members and comparisons. The students chose from a selection of projects for their final assessment. Many of them designed "Guess Who" style games that were fun to play and really practiced this new vocabulary and grammar. I will miss this group so much next year! Instead of "adios", I will say, "hasta luego" and hope that they come back to visit and tell me about all of the amazing things that they are doing in the future!

Elementary Spanish with Senora Tackett

It has been a busy spring in elementary Spanish. Third graders enjoyed chips in class as they learned about the importance of Cinco de Mayo in the USA and Mexico. The children recently finished learning vocabulary related to school. They enjoyed games using whiteboards and music, did a cut and paste activity, practiced writing vocabulary in cursive and played Old Maid with vocabulary cards. They are gaining confidence in conversation with basic questions to begin 4th grade.

The fourth graders celebrated Cinco de Mayo with their own fiestas and gained a greater understanding of the holiday historically. They practiced vocabulary by playing cards and Go Fish to ask for items needed. They also asked each other about what items friends needed for class and wrote the responses in sentences. 4th graders have been practicing many questions for dialogue, such as “What is your favorite color?” Tossing the ball amongst each other always provides motivation! They are getting ready to start the fifth grade year by making a recording using questions they have learned so far.

Fifth graders have been extremely busy this spring. With many thanks to our PTOs’ support, the Taquería Cinco taco truck visited our schools so that 5th graders could use their Spanish skills in an authentic way to order their tacos. The students took this task quite seriously and all pleasantly surprised themselves with their success! They enjoyed street tacos outdoors on a beautiful sunny day, with their grade level classmates as a culminating activity. It was a special way to commemorate our three years together. Many thanks to our parents who were able to support this activity through items donated and/or assisting me at school.

The fifth graders have also demonstrated their proficiency in speaking and writing. First, they recorded a final conversation asking and answering general questions of each other in an impromptu fashion. Additionally, they practiced their presentational skills by visiting the younger students to put on a mini fashion show, which gave the little ones “a taste” of Spanish. Students expressed in complete sentences what they were wearing. A subsequent fashion show at the Town Meeting in full attire with a full house displayed their confidence and skills to all. The students have worked all year to improve their writing proficiency as well, by working in small groups, having mini competitions and playing games to reinforce important high frequency words for writing. They have diligently completed homework and shared results on the SmartBoard in Spanish class. All students completed a Family Project demonstrating their ability to write about family members in journals, family trees, or Powerpoint presentations, which were very impressive! They also completed an illustrated dialogue strip in class while listening to Spanish guitar. The results of all their efforts are reflected in their final writing sample they recently completed. As I told the kids, “They knocked my socks off” -- or my “calcetines” as they reminded me! The fifth graders have strong skills and are well prepared for middle school. I am so pleased and happy for their success. Special recognition and awards were given to students who diligently studied and achieved 100% for spelling tests all year! Check your 5th grader’s Spanish folder that came home, as this was quite a noteworthy accomplishment. All students were entered in a raffle for token prizes to acknowledge their efforts, with a special token of success for top achievers.¡Felicidades! to all on three years of elementary Spanish!
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Grade 7

Spanish and French classes recently celebrated their year of success with a Fiesta of French and Spanish food prepared by the students. We wish Mrs Tyler a wonderful retirement but her presents with the seventh graders and her passion for language learning will be greatly missed in the coming years. This years seventh grades count themselves lucky having spent the year in her classroom. Bonne chance et Felicitaciones!

French - grade 8

What can I, a French 1 student talk about? I can talk about my family and my house. I can take one shopping in the French specialty food shops and for the latest fashion. I can tell of the sites of Paris and what the weather is going to be. I can tell of setting a table and tell the foods to eat. I can tell what I did last night and last week and what I did on vacation! Formidable n'est-ce pas?!

Le français au lycée

This semester Monsieur Jule Lefevre arrived to finish out the year with high school classes after the resignation of Madame LeMarie. Students in French 2 through 4 continued on with great success to complete their year. We give M. Lefevre a "grand merci" for everything this spring!


This year Mr. Wang has embraced Canvas as a tool of information management, test taking, and group interactions. We have also selected a few students from each level to run a trial AAPPL test to see where our students are so that we could align our curriculum. In addition to academics, students in Chinese classes have visited NYC Chinatown, performed a dance at our annual Lip Sync contest, skyped and talked with students from China, and engaged in ping pong sport.This year Mr. Wang has embraced Canvas as a tool of information management, test taking, and group interactions. We have also selected a few students from each level to run a trial AAPPL test to see where our students are so that we could align our curriculum. In addition to academics, students in Chinese classes have visited NYC Chinatown, performed a dance at our annual Lip Sync contest, skyped and talked with students from China, and engaged in ping pong sport.

Chinese 1

The students have just finished learning about family and professions. Presently we are studying Chinese cuisines. Students will learn basic phrases and sentences, and build a vocabulary regarding foods, as well as doing a hands-on project of making a typical Chinese dish based on their assigned cuisines. I hope parents have found this hands-on project to be an interesting one and have enjoyed your children’s cooking.

Chinese 2

Chinese II students have just finished a food unit and is now learning about traveling. They are learning travel vocabulary and expressions in Chinese and researching the new development of various transportation systems in China today, as well as UNESCO designated cultural heritage sites in China. Throughout the year Chinese II students have expanded to more topics including residence, phone conversation, travel, food, school and family, etc.

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Chinese 3 and 4

Chinese III and IV students are studying all about themselves and by the end of the year they will be able to fully present themselves in Chinese at a much higher level and with much more in depth details. There is also a considerable amount of grammatical and lexical complexity and sophistications that they have acquired in their language productions. In addition, they are also learning more Chinese characters and can read and write some basic Chinese in characters.

AP Chinese

The AP Chinese students have just completed their AP test. As hard as they have studied, the AP course has posted a considerable level of challenge in terms of cultural sophistication and linguistic complexity. Good luck on the test.



On April 29th, Mr. Motes led 17 enthusiastic Latin students to the annual Connecticut State Latin Day in Cheshire, CT. Students participated in various academic, athletic, and artistic events, earning the first place medals for Costume Couple (Aoife Hufford and Kathryn Atkinson) and Best in Show for all art projects (Emily Archer).

26 students were inducted into the National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society this spring. In order to be eligible for induction, students must maintain a 90 average for a year and be good citizens within the classroom. Students inducted in 2017 are: Emily Archer, Kathryn Atkinson, Avery Bikerman, Cara Cahill, Anna Catlett, Adam Drummond, Cole Dushin, Sophie Edson, Alex Edwards, David Foster, Olin Frederiks, Audrey Gavin, Kate Hickie, Aoife Hufford, Keelin Hurtt, Callie Kotzan, Thomas McCarthy, Chandler Munson, Allison Murphy, Amanda Murphy, Natalie Rugg, Anna Sather, Reed Spitzer, Bianca Tinnerello, Kiera Ulmer, and Trevor Wells.

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Coming up....

The World Language Department will be busy all summer working on advancing our curriculum to place us among the best in the state. We will have two new teachers joining our department and look forward to all they can add to our combined experiences. Next year Spanish students at the high school will have an opportunity to join a program in Spain for submission into the language. We hope all our students enjoy their summers and return with adventures to share.