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Making the most of February

Free luxury, all expenses paid holiday, to the Middle East anyone?

It could be Dubai? Perhaps it's Abu Dhabi... Who cares! I fancy a free holiday in the sun. Do you? TODAY Feb 1 is the first day of our new Glam Getaway holiday earning period. It's a free holiday up for grabs to ALL stylists. And you can earn it in just three simple steps. Book trunkshows, Sell Jewellery and Sponsor! Watch the teaser video

How can I track my holiday progress?

Just log in to the Stylist Lounge with your username and password and click on Reports and then select Glam Getaway to track your progress. 55,000 points are required to win the holiday and 25,000 of these points are from personal sales. We have until AUGUST to earn it!

Monthly training meetings

What happens at Stylist Meet Ups?

It's an opportunity to view the latest collections, and bring friends or prospective stylists along who might be interested in joining your team. It's just £2 to attend if you are an existing stylist and free for guests. You will also learn some key skills on: styling, booking trunkshows, selling on the go, social media activity and lots more. We have a new agenda every month. It's informal, fun and a great way to grow your business.

Pick the most convenient location and day for you. Please see the 'EVENTS' section of the Stella & Dot website for other locations including London, Germany, Ireland, Wales etc. And the add the dates to your diary. Here are details of some local meetings:

'CHESHIRE' STYLIST TRAINING (Run by Senior Director Mhari Oakes)
Venue: The Kingfisher Pub, 15 Regency Square, Northwich. CW9 8UW.

February (Weds 4th), March (Weds 11th), April (Weds 8th), May (Weds 6th), June (Weds 3rd), July (Weds 8th), August (Weds 5th), September (Weds 2nd), October (Weds 7th), November (Weds 4th), December (Weds 2nd)


MANCHESTER STYLIST TRAINING (Run by Directors Liz Cooper and Karen Siddall)
Venue : Upstairs at The Hale Bar & Kitchen, Ashley Rd, Hale. 7.30pm

February (Tues 3rd), March (Mon 2nd), April (Tues 7th), May (Tues 5th), June (Tues 9th), July (Mon 6th), August (Tues 4th), September (Tues 1st), October (Tues 6th), November (Mon 2nd), December (Tues 1st).


LANCASHIRE STYLIST TRAINING (This is Senior Director Claire Robinson's monthly meet up)
Venue : Charnock Farm Barn & Restauarant, Leyland, 7.30pm.

February (Mon 2nd), March (Tues 10th), April (Mon 13th), May (Tues 5th), June (Mon 8th), July (Tues 7th), August (Mon 3rd), September (Tues 1st), October (Mon 5th), November (Tues 3rd), December (Mon 7th).


Valentines Day

See the Stylist lounge to download Valentines Day marketing materials

February 14 is just around the corner - so NOW is a great time to reach out to those men looking for help to buy gifts.

It's also a perfect excuse to get the girls together for a spot of styling and a glass of something pink! As their Personal Stylist, you can: help them find the ideal accessories for Spring 2015, share some key fashion trends, and reveal top celebrity styles.

Training from Head Office

If you are a NEW STYLIST and have never dialled in to a training call before, it's so easy. You literally just dial the number, key in the pin below, and listen! Simples xoxo

Business Blitz, Tuesday 3rd February, 10.00am - dial in and learn how to book trunkshows. On this call you can win FREE JEWELLERY too!

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access Code: 908470

New Stylist Training Webinar, Tuesday 3rd February, 1.00pm. A must for new stylists!

Please use the dial in numbers below to listen to the webinar:

From UK: 0800 358 6387

From Ireland: 1800 937 650

From France: 0800 946 532

From Germany: 0800 588 9171

Access code: 866 173 0714 #

To watch the webinar click here

Your Glam Plan, Wednesday 4th February, 10.00am - Want to win the Holiday? No problem. Just make sure you dial in and find out HOW!

UK Freephone: 0800 229 0141

UK Mobile: 033 0336 1183

Ireland Freephone: 1 800 932 466

Ireland mobile: 014367 697

Participant Access Code: 498979

Become a Stylist Webinar with Liz Cooper, Wednesday 4th February, 1.00pm. (Liz is my amazing sponsor! Trust me, it's well worth tuning in for this!!)

From UK: 0800 358 6385

From Ireland: 1800 937 649

From France: 0800 946 531

From Germany: 0800 588 9170

Access code: 374 312 0107 #

To watch the webinar click here

Tips from the top, What to do to earn GLAM with Wendy Jones, Thursday 5th February, 11.00am

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

From UK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access code: 498979

Welcome call for New Stylist- what do I do NOW? Friday 6th February, 1.00pm. Another MUST for all new Stylists.

From UK: 0800 358 6387

From Ireland: 1800 937 650

From France: 0800 946 532

From Germany: 0800 588 9171

Access code: 866 173 0714 #

Have a great week!

Trunkshow exclusive offers

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Did you know that every single month we have Trunk Show Exclusive Offers (TSEO) ? These change on a monthly basis and are available exclusively to your trunkshow guests.

When they spend £50 or over they can choose one of each of the items (on the offer) at 50% discount!!! Be sure to print out the latest TSEO before your trunkshow (the PDF or J-peg photo can be found under the Features section on the Stylist Lounge. You just need to log in to your website with your email and password.

Tell everyone about it. It's a fabulous deal!!!

Stylist Sign Up Offer extended until Wed Feb 4!!!!!

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You still have three days to reach out to people and share the opportunity. This job is so much MORE fun working with your friends! Plus recruit and earn £1,000s more and you and your friend can also earn £1000s in free jewellery too. Remember: It's never too soon to recruit because you can have fun learning on the job TOGETHER XOXO


If you're not on Facebook, you're missing out! What on?

arning free jewellery, valuable information, head-office give-aways, top tips on the Stella & Dot business - and a whole lot more. Remember: we are a social selling business after all, so if you're not social, you'll probably miss out on sales too. Befriend me Mhari Oakes (Kelly) and I'll add you to our 'secret stylist groups'.

Contact me

My Stella & Dot team working hours are generally Mon-Fri 10am - 3.30pm. Or you can email /text me ANYTIME and I'll usually get back very quickly!