Be good

Have you ever wonder how to resist drugs.

First you will need to stay away from drugs because it will hurt you’re lungs.Next you have to walk away from the problem.And you will never start smoking.Second you must not I mean don’t talk to them and Interact with them. Most important get an adult and go a different path.Last but not less if they ask you to join that group say,(no) with a reason like (my parents will ground me for life.)
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Drunk driving and how to evond

It is illegal to be drinking and driving the effect is crashes.Driving while drunk is the effect islas focus.Drunk driving the cause of drowsiness.

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Do you know what's good and bad in drugs.

What’s bad in drugs cigarettes have nicotine in them and smoking is bad.Good adote drugs adopt tpocko helps some people get past hartburn.What's the same it is bad either way,is illegal for 18 and younger.

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nicatine in sigreits

tpacko is a drug



smoking is haveing a bad hapit