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Dubnium (Db)

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical Properties

Atomic Mass: 262.0


Melting and Boiling point are unknown

Atomic Radius in picometers (pm), Appearance, Conductivity, Malleability, Hardness, are unknown

Chemical Properties

Flammability, Reactivity are unknown

History and Discovery

It was discovered in the year of 1967 in the town Dubua Russia, in the Institute for Nuclear Reasearch. Also in California, in the Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Labatory. but the first people to discover it was the scientist in Dubua Russia. It was formed by Americium had 243 bomdarded with ions of neons 22 forming atoms of Dubnium.

Fun Facts/ Identitiy Information

Fun Fact

The element was named after the town Dubna Russia, also where it was produced

Identity Information

Atomic number: 105

Mass Number: 262u

Protons: 105

Neutrons: 261



It is on the 5th group (going sideways) and the 5th element in the 7th row (going down).

Uses of Dubnium

Its only use is within scientist reasearch, and only small amounts have been produced. Dubnium has 12 isotopes, it has a mass number of 265 to 270. the most stable isotope is 268Db, with half-life of 32 hours. this is a stable element. This element has a unknown compund and alloys.