Mrs. Tate's Class News

September in 1st Grade

This month

This month has been an exciting time in first grade! We continue to practice our class and school routines. We will continue to add friends to our word wall until all of our friends have been added. After that, our next step is to introduce five new word wall words a week.

If you would like to send an inexpensive pair of headphones in for your child to use in the computer lab, please send them in a ziploc bag with your child's name on it. These will stay in school.


In reading we have read MoonBear's Books. We talked about things we liked and created a class "I like..." book for our library. We also created our own books about opposites. We read Annie Bea and Chi Chi Dolores. We brainstormed school day action words and created another book for our library using our first initial and an action word (i.e. Jaymz is jumping). Ask your child how to play, "The King of ing!"


In Math some of the skills and games we are learning are:

  • Daily Calendar Meetings
  • Monster Squeeze
  • Top-It
  • Penny Dice Game
  • Bunny Hop game (using a number line and numbers one more/one less)
  • Tally marks (make sure your 5th line crosses (bundles) the other 4 lines!)
  • Dice Roll and Tally game

Morning Meetings

We have started to incorporate Morning Meetings into our daily routine. Students have been introduced to greeting each other, learning names, using eye contact, and sharing information. We also discuss possible problems and ways we can work together to find a solution. For example, this month we have brainstormed how to find friends to play with at recess. We will continue to be problem solvers!

Looking Ahead: October Dates

4: Picture Day

9: Book Fair 12:00-12:30

12: Bridge Valley Fall Fest 11am - 4pm

14: Celebrate Education Week! First Grade Spotlight Activity Math Games in the Caferteria 9:30-10:30

31: Bridge Valley Day, Halloween Parade (9:30)