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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 11-9 through 11-13-15

Growth Mindset!

I am so pleased with our CogAT scores. Our 3rd and 5th grade CogAT results look much better than they have in past years. 78% of 5th graders either maintained their CogAT score or improved from 3rd grade. 60% of our 3rd graders scored a 5 or greater on CogAT. That's up 6% from last year. As we remain focused on the 4 Cs and problem solving in all grade levels, I predict that the CogAT scores will continue to increase. I can't wait to see the growth on middle of the year (MOY) MAP testing. Keep challenging students and supporting their learning. We are making progress.

I am impressed with the growth mindset language that I am hearing in the classrooms. I hear staff praising students for their effort and encouraging students to try. In also hear teachers saying things like "when you figure it out" and "you may not know yet, but you will." That is powerful language that we all must practice daily.

The student work samples in the hallways are fantastic. If you are looking for space to display student are work check out all of the wall space in the cafeteria and along the hallways. I love to see what our student produce and I know the students are proud when they see it as well.

As you may recall, we had an unscheduled district lockdown earlier this week. Overall, the feedback was good. This is a reminder to always have your radios when going outside, even for a moment. Also, if you happen to be outside during a lockdown DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING. If you are able, go to Bowman, one of the churches, or into the neighborhood. Lastly, you must be sure doors are locked. The goal is not to be seen, heard, or touched by an intruder. It was shared with me after the lockdown that "unknown" district personnel will enter the building using doors other than the main entrance. They will see how much they can access the building before being addressed by staff and escorted to the main office. Let's see how we do.

This is a reminder that only half of the PPA shirts have arrived. The remaining shirts will arrive this week. If you purchased a 2015-2016 PPA shirt you are free to wear a PPA shirt from any academic year with jeans on Mondays.

Thanks everyone and let's have a wonderful week!

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

While watching a student make Playdoh snakes as part of his fine motor therapy, the teacher said, “he's making progress?” The student overheard and replied, “No, I am making snakes!”


Everyone for being prepared for the unscheduled district lockdown. Everyone for being a wonderful audience and guests at our Momentous training. Vertical Team Leaders for planning and leading wonderful professional learning. Tiye for helping out and planting trees in the rain.

What's Happening!

11/9 - Vision and Hearing Screening 5th Grade

11/9 - Admin PDH -Becky Wussow 3:15 pm

11/10 - Mentor/Mentee Meeting 3:15 pm

11/11 - Feedback Forms Deadline

11/11 - Leadership Team Meeting 3:15 pm

11/12 - A-Week Bobcat Visioning Meetings (K. 3, 5)

11/12 - K-5 Powerhouse Read-Alouds (Optional)

11/13 - Friday the 13th!

Pride's Schedule

11/10 - District Visioning Meeting

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