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October MSD System of Care Newsletter

Bullying Prevention and Awareness

October is Bullying Prevention Month, a time to recognize the importance of building positive, healthy relationships and safe schools and communities.

In the Merrimack School District, our K-6 educators teach students about how to manage difficult emotions such as jealousy, anger and disappointment, along with fair ways to play and how to solve problems and manage conflict. Students learn about the importance of empathy and perspective shifting, and how to respond when they see someone being mistreated or bullied. Assertiveness and help seeking skills are taught and practiced throughout the school day. In our Health classes in Middle and High School, they learn about decision making models, bullying, healthy relationships, and how to handle stress. At JMUES they participate in National Unity Day to stand up against bullying. Teaching social emotional learning skills is a critical component of bullying prevention efforts.

When it comes to bullying prevention, perhaps the most important thing we can do is be a trusted adult in the life of a child. When these connections are in place, young people are more likely to share what is happening in their lives and seek support and help when it is most needed. Brooklyn Raney, author of One Trusted Adult provides excellent resources for parents and teachers on building connection and community with young people. Below are links and directions for teachers and parents to access them, as well as several other resources you may find helpful, including information about a book written by a leader in bullying prevention that teaches children about phone safety!

As always, I welcome your questions, ideas and insights! Feel free to reach me at 603-424-6221 or fern.seiden@sau26.org.


Fern Seiden

Director of Student Wellness

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One Trusted Adult Workshop for Parents and Caregivers


This summer the NH Department of Education offered One Trusted Adult resources to schools, and we were able to take full advantage of this opportunity. This is a self-paced four hour "course" that can really change the way you think about how to "show up" for our kids! Brooklyn Raney, a NH native, is becoming nationally recognized for her inspiring work!

How to Access: Use the codes below after clicking on the links in the "Getting Started Guide" posted below!

Elementary and Middle School Families - Sign up to get the course for free using the code:


High School Families - sign up to get the course for free using the code:


How to Access Directions


One Trusted Adult Workshop for all Educators and The Branch Out Connection and Community Building Activities for High School Educators

Click here for instructions for registering for the One Trusted Adult Educators Workshop - free for Merrimack School District Educators!


Codes to Access Program:

- Middle/ Elementary - SAU26MS-VPD

- High School - SAU26HS-VPD

Branch Out is a High School Program filled with great activities to foster connection and community. You can find it here!