By: Dakota Jones


He is the illegitimate son of King Arthur and Morgause. He is in many books of the Arthurian time. He is closely related to hell in the books. He is well known for the killing of King Arthur. King Arthur was tricked into have adult relationship with Morgause. "Mordred persuades the queen into an alduterous affair and usurps the throne" (Rice). This just show how cruel and evil Mordred is. "The rebellious usurper is killed and Arthur is borne to Avalon" (Rice). This is what happened to Mordred in another text.

Relation to King Arthur

Mordred is found in many Welsh texts. He is sometimes not known as Arthur's son in some of the Welsh texts. He plays as a traitor in many of the books to Arthur. Later in his life he ask Guinevere to marry him after stealing the throne from Arthur. "Plays the role of the traitor to Arthur" (Wikipedia). In some texts they say Arthur and Mordred fought at the battle of Camlann and they do not know who's side he was on.

Other Names

In some of the texts Mordred is referred as Medraut. They say that he either fought with Arthur or fought against him. He is the man that takes the throne and he tries to rule it with Guinevere. He is said to "plot with Agravain to expose the Queen's affair with Lancelot (who is King Arthur's most trusted knights)" (Rise).