Miracle on 49th Street

By: Mike Lupica

New Book Cover

If I could make a new book cover for this book, this is what it would look like. It is a basketball court because one of the main characters Josh is a professional basketball player, and the other main character Molly is learning to play basketball throughout the book. Then of course it has the title and the author.


This book is about Josh Cameron the MVP of the Boston Celtics, and a twelve year old girl named Molly. Molly finds Josh and confronts him telling him that she is his daughter. She said her mom told her about Josh before she lost her battle with cancer. Josh is surprised and doesn't know what to do. Molly wants to get to know Josh the one off camera and not how everyone else knows him. Then she realizes why her mom never wanted her to know about him. She gives him another chance and the two of them learn lots of thing from each other. But the tough question is does Molly want Josh to be her father? Overall these are the main events that happen throughout the book.

Important Scene 1

This is a picture of Central Park in New York. This is a very important place in the book, but you need to read the book to find out why.

Important Scene 2

This is also another important scene, it is important because this is where Josh and Molly meet when Molly confronts him of being his daughter.


One quote that represents this book well is " Nobody there to see. Molly cried hard, the tears blurring her eyes as much as the snow did. You were supposed to be down there a voice from behind her said. She turned around, and there he was." (Page 245) This quote is when the whole story comes together and also shows how suspenseful the book is. Another quote is "Molly couldn't help herself. She ran straight down the court, past the players on the Bartlett team, and jumped right into L.J.'s arms. She hadn't been this happy to see anybody!with the exception of Sam Bloom." (Page 183) This is an example of how in the book everyone has eachothers backs. Last, "Molly closed her eyes, picturing her and her mother in the front seat of the rented car that day, waiting to see how that particular snapshot, from the album she carried around her head, was going to effect her." (Page 3) This is a part of the book that is sad because it talks about Molly's mom. Overall I think these quotes represent the book best.

Editorial Review

I liked this book and think is was one of my favorite books. It has you always wanting to know what will happen next. I liked it because i can relate to Molly, not about her situation with her mom but that I am a big basketball fan and love to play it too.

Product Details

I recommend this book to ages 9-13. I recommend this book to Grades 6, 7, and 8. In the book there are 256 pages. The book was published in 2006 by philomel books.


I would recommend this book to people who like sports, realistic fiction, and a good detailed story . If you liked this book you might also like other books by Mike Lupica like Travel Team, Game Changers, Summer Ball, The Big Field, Fantasy League, Hot Hand, and many more.