Bryce Harper Research Project

How Bryce Harper made it to the MLB and how is he so good?

Source: A site. Las Vegas Wildcats.

Information: Bryce Harper played for the Las Vegas Wildcats HS. He was a outstanding ballplayer in High-School. He was promoted to the Varsity baseball team for the Wildcats in his Soph. year in 08-09. The Las Vegas Wildcats went 27-11 and 11-0 in their league. He was Nevada State Rank of 14. He batted a 569 average with 37 hits. His great High-School career and especially his 08-09 year helped him be seen by good colleges and probably wouldn’t be in the MLB today without those outstanding high-school years.

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Information: Bryce Harpers college year was even better than his High-School year. He went to Southern Nevada University. This year was a season awarding year for him. He batted a 443. With 31 home-runs and 98 RBI’s .


Information: Bryce Harper played for the Syracuse Chiefs Minor League Team right out of college and this year clinched his MLB opportunity. He did outstanding. All players have a journey to go through to make it to the majors and this was the journey for Bryce Harper.

Bryce Harper MLB

Bryce Harper is currently in his 2nd season with the Washington Nationals and is going for his go to be in the Hall Of Fame.

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