CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Below is some amazing work completed by our Year 10 Art and Design Technology students and Year 7 Design and Technology who researched a cuisine of their choice as part of their homework.

Year 7 Science

7SW have been looking at bridge building with Miss Kritzinger in Science, pictured below is some of their fantastic work.

Top Lesson Stars

Students receive lesson stars where a teacher feels a student has made an excellent contribution in their lesson. Some students receive multiple lesson stars across the week, below are the students who have received the most stars for each year group this week:

Year 7:

Kevin 7TE, EJ 7CA, Roisin 7CA, Mason 7TE, Sean 7TE, Gurkirat 7TA, Mia 7TA and Hollie 7CA.

Year 8:

Ainars 8ST, Chijioke 8ST, Thomas 8ST, Kurtis 8CA, Angela 8Co and Toby 8TA.

Year 9:

Ruby 9TA, Sonny 9SW, Sophie 9CA, Keeley 9TA, Sanita 9SW, Hollie 9TA, Corina 9SW, Keira 9SW and Gabriela 9TA.

Year 10:

Tearlach 10CO, Thomas 10CO, Saul 10TE, Mollie 10CA, Anya 10TE, David S 10ST, Chloe 10CA and Oscar S 10TA.

Mrs Toye would like to say well done the Year 10 students who participated in workshops with TARGET from Service Six, during the sessions they investigated online behaviours and how to stay safe online.

Subject Highlights:


Mr Jackson has nominated his Year 10 Maths group (10A2) for their excellent work on simultaneous equations this week.

Mr Lee has nominated Year 10 studnent George S for a fantastic job with rearranging formula and problem solving by forming and solving equations this week. Also nominated are Year 9 students Patrick, Jacson, Neva, Neave, Nikola, Alex, Valeriu, Dejan and Faizah for consistent hard work in their lessons this week.

Ms Adamska has nominated 8A2 for hard work on Percentages, enthusiasm, and excellent contribution to the lessons. Also nominated this week for their consistent hard work and great effort are Year 9 students Cj, Kia, Victoria, Sania, Dexter, Cameron H and Ksenija, Jakib, Aleksa, Sebastian, Radu, Tanya, Sophie, Kai and Beatrice (7SI) and Jennifer, Lara, Finn, Kyle, Kevin, Lucy, Alexis, Florence and Aston (7TE).


Year 9

Dylan, CJ, Emily, Devandre and Euan from 9TE & Ruben, Keiran, Melissa, Jamila, Jacson and Matthew from 9SW all made excellent progress this week, improving their ukulele technique – well done!

Oscar P and Dejan C in 9CO have both picked up the ukulele really quickly so far this term and show great promise in their ability.

Year 8

This week 8CO have done a brilliant job of learning to play more complex rhythms using drumsticks. Special mentions to Angela, Dylan, Keelie-Anne and Leonie for their ability to perform perfectly in time with the pulse – even at faster tempos. Great work!

Year 7

Miss Patrick was particularly impressed with Mia-Brooke’s and Alessandro’s (7TE) brilliant attitude to learning in music this week.

Miss Jenkins was impressed with the attitudes to learning demonstrated by Pawel S and Dylan H in 7TU- a great improvement, keep it up!


Mrs Rice has nominated 9BZ for their wonderful notes and annotations of the poem, Remains by Simon Armitage. Mrs Rice has also nominated Courtney M, Neave W, Nikola K, Sanita L, Brooke G, Gabriela W, Corina T and Willow I for exceptional notes and annotations of the war poems we have been studying.

Year 9 have started work on conflict texts with Mrs Brown who is really impressed with how the class have engaged with the poem 'Remains'. Well done to Year 10 students Sophie L, George S, Brandon W for excellent work with their GCSE English analysis of language this week.

Miss Magnay has made the following nominations this week:

Year 8 are studying Lord of the Flies this term and 8C1 have had some fantastic discussions about the novel and have demonstrated their excellent inference skills. 9A1 have been working really hard analysing poetry and sharing some insightful ideas. A special mention to Jess, Seth, Emma, Mason, Euan, Mya, Milena, Harvey, and Emily for their excellent annotations! Finally, well done to 10BP1 who have been working hard in their language lessons. Miss Magnay has been extremely impressed with Daria, Ellie, Luke, Kelly, and Leila for their focus in lessons.

Ms Hallybone has nominated Year 10 students Thomas, Tearlach and Denisa for outstanding effort in English this week.

Miss Lodge has nominated 9AZ for their fantastic work on World War One context to support their understanding of poetry. They created some brilliant pieces of work this week. Also nominated are 7TE for their great start in English this term. They are sharing some fantastic ideas about the poems we have studied and are showing great focus and determination.


Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Year 10 Sociology students Israel, Kelly, Katie, Brandon, David and Finley for their excellent contribution the lessons and being engaged in the lessons.

8ST RSCS students for working hard this week in the lesson and really engaging with the lesson content. 7A2 English students Kevin, Sean, Ole, Florence, Lara, Maisie-Mai, Finn, Aston, Alessandro and Jennifer for their excellent contribution the lesson and working super hard his week well done! Finally, 9AY English, well done for working really hard this week and for reading the Journey’s End really well.

Miss Gilbert would like to say well done to the following:

Joel (7ST) who has been showing amazing progress in both Geography and Numeracy booster throughout the year. Well done! Jamie (7CU) who has been showing great enthusiasm for Geography in the past couple of lessons, so keep up the hard work! Also nominated are Ava (8TE) has been progressing amazingly in Geography throughout the year. Keep up the hard work! Chanelle A (9ST) for her amazing commitment throughout the whole year in Geography especially in the previous two topics. Finally, Jenson (10B) for working hard on his longer written answers in past exam questions to prepare for the mock exams. .


Mr Harley has nominated James H in Year 10 Design & Technology for his excellent development using Solid works CAD software. Pictured above is a USB Cable that he has drawn. Also nominated are Daniel C & Rachal J in Year 10 Design & Technology who are also make great progress with Solid works.

Miss Hankins has nominated Sean 7TE for excellent DT homework and also Mariyah 8SW for fantastic DT homework. Mariyah has written a fantastic report and plan ready to design her own restaurant later on this term.


Mrs Brightwell has nominated the following this week:

7Tu for there excellent work during our CREST Award activities and their excellent graphing skills. Also nominated is Kelly from 10AP1 for her excellent revision notes; which are in preparation for the Year 10 Science mock exams happening in a few weeks and Leon M and Sam A (Year 10) as our top GCSEPod Users this week.


PE Students of the Week for Week 1 were:

Oliver 7ST, Isabella 8CO, Alfie 9CO, Aimee 10ST and Jude 11TE. Sports Science student Dolton 10TE and Sport and Physical Activity Eimantas, Year 12.

PE Students of the Week for Week 2 are:

Ole 7ST. Lily 8ST, Nikodem 9CO, Oscar H 10TA. Sports Science student Layla 10SW and Sport and Physical Activity Halle, Year 12.

Year 11

On Friday 28th May our Year 11 students had an afternoon of celebrations. Below are a few photographs from the day, a gallery of these will be added to the school website shortly. Year 11 are still connecting with us as they prepare to move onto their next steps.

Lyrical Lockdown:

Lyrical Lockdown

Several students from different year groups at CTS came together to take part in the Corby Lyrical Lockdown performance last weekend. Mr Cox received contact from the Corby Cube advertising this opportunity and a number of our students were courageous enough to attend. Over a six week programme, they worked with music coaches to compose a song (they collaborated with Olivia from Kingswood on the lyrics). This song was then performed in a brand new performance space in Corby, both to a live audience and an online stream.

The students who took part were:

  • Anthony (7CU) – DJ
  • Urszula (8TA) - Keyboard
  • Rhian (9ST) – Vocals
  • Danielle (10TA) – Vocals
  • Andrew (10CO) – Film and Production Crew

Andrew described it as, ‘one of the best experiences I have had’, and also said, ‘this will help me to kick-start my career in the media industry’. Danielle explained, ‘working as a collective was new to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it’. Rhian told me all about taking part, saying, ‘being in this group is like having a second family. I love how we can be honest if something goes wrong, but we all support each other too’.

Well done to all those involved. It takes a lot of confidence to put yourself forward for something like this, and you have all certainly done us proud. The students’ passion for music is evident in the performance, as is their sense of ensemble and communication with each other. Hopefully this is the first of many performances our students will do in this wonderful new performance space in the centre of the town.

See the performance here:


Assembly Music:

Please see below a link to this week’s assembly music. We are currently exploring the fundamental British Values, and this week we have been looking at the theme of ‘Respect’.