HUSH Jr rocks!

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Season 1 of HUSH Jr will be included on the HUSH podcast!

Once our season 1 is complete, we will upload all the episodes onto #HUSHpodcast! There are so many fun "easter eggs" in HUSH Jr that we are sure our HUSH audience will enjoy. Listen in to Season 1 of HUSH now by subscribing to the HUSH podcast series on iTunes, Stitcher and GooglePlay Music, or click HERE for a listing of all nine episodes to enjoy.

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Empower student voices; Equip youth artists

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HUSH Jr is a cultural project of StoryArk, a 501(c)3 organization.

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StoryArk nurtures storytelling in all of its diversity across the generations and through multiple media. StoryArk's cultural projects provide educational opportunities, training, mentorship and support for the art of storytelling to local communities. By sharing our stories, we impact our selves, our community, our culture, our country and even our world. Find out more at

StoryArk is a 501c(3) tax exempt organization that seeks to serve the greater good.