Why is Poetry Important?

I Think Poetry is important because it is a way to express ones feeling.

I Can Define Soliloquy.

A soliloquy is someone that is speaking what they are thinking and what the have on there mind that time of day they wrote it.


A Sonnet is a fourteen line poem and it has to use some kind of form of theme usually a sonnet has 10 syllables per line.
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What Prompts a writer to choose specific forms or sounds when writing poems?

When a writer chooses a specific form of poetry is usually depends on what the feel like doing.


The sistina has six stanzas, Each stanza has six lines that don't rhyme and the end of of the first stanza line in a patter on each stanza.


A Pantoum is a poem that is not used often . The second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated in the third and second of the next stanza.


This is a nineteen lined poem it is usually used by English people. The poem is characterized by having to refrains.

It is important to have specific forms or structure because?

I think it is important because you need to be able to identify witch for of poem it is.