"You had me at Merlot"

We have exciting updates to share!

Welcome our new and easy 3 Step Inventory Wizard

Step 1: Upload your Inventory

Step 2: Make Adjustments

Step 3: Submit Counts and Generate Report

Search and Fix: You can now search by item or category - make your change and move to the next item in seconds. This means less time searching for items and adjusting variances - more time on the floor!

Fast and Flexible: After closing your inventory, you will have a revision window to make as many additions and changes as needed. Missed a wall or room? Take your scanner, count and then add it to the count in Step 1. Need to make an adjustment? Go to Step 2, make your change and print a new inventory report.

Count and Report: Start by reviewing the Variance Report to identify items that are different than the expected count. Then, make the changes and see the log of activity in the Audit Report. Last, print your final numbers with the easy to read Inventory Report. Three reports to accompany the New 3 Step Inventory Wizard.


We are rolling out this brand new feature in two phases:

Single Room: If you are currently only one room, Great News! You can start on the new platform today! To get started, contact BinWise via the SUPPORT button on your homepage or via the Support button below. A BinWise contact will confirm your request and contact you shortly.

Multiple Rooms: If you are currently using multiple rooms for finding variances, this will be available MID March 2016. Meanwhile, submit your interest via the support button and we will keep you updated on the release date.

Single or Multi Room?

To confirm the number of rooms for your account:

Log into the BinWise Scanner - If you are prompted to select a room - Multi Room is turned On.

All accounts will be switched over to the new experience in April 2016!

Here at BinWise, we are very excited for what’s to come in 2016 and hope you are too! We are starting the year off strong with our new 3 Step Inventory Wizard, but will continue with more in the upcoming months so stay tuned!