Technology Integration

Angie Carlisle & Chris Granley - aka Geek Squad

How Can We Help You?

* Tech integration Ideas -Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking

* Tech integration Assistance: tutorials, directions, in-class demonstrations

* Software trouble shooting: Moodle, Google, Campus

* Individual or group training

* PLC assistance

* Online Assessment: Formative and Summative

i.e.Google, Moodle, Socrative, Kahoot. . .

* Flipping your classroom

Record lessons or tutorials for viewing at home

* After school Staff Development

* Training for technology clock hours.

Chris Granley

Chris is available 10:15-3:30

ext. 41534

Angie Carlisle

Angie is available 8:00- 1:15

ext. 41248

Technology Integration Survey

If you have not yet taken this survey, please take a few minutes to do so now to help guide us.

Tech Integration Survey

This SAMPLE. . .

This was created on a free site called SMORE.

It could be used by teachers or students as a quick and easy way to summarize and present a lesson. It is easily emailed.