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Tuscarora Elementary School

Timberwolf Care Team Weekly Newsletter - Issue 9- May 22

Welcome our New Assistant Principals to Tuscarora Elementary School!

Dear Tuscarora Students, Families, & Community,

Three years ago, I was fortunate to join Tuscarora Elementary as your literacy specialist. Over this time, I have personally seen what a special community of students, families, and staff we have here at TuES. I consider it an honor and a privilege to continue serving all of you as an Assistant Principal next year.

Although I’m not new to the school, here are some things you might not have known about me. Prior to joining TuES, I was an elementary classroom teacher, literacy specialist, and teacher specialist for FCPS. I live in Frederick County with my husband Eric, my sons Anthony and Alex, and many pets. When I have free time, I enjoy reading (of course!), as well as traveling and exploring new places with my family.

I am looking forward to another amazing year of growth and achievement at TuES, and I will do my very best to partner with you to support your children in this new role. I cannot wait until we are all back in school, together!

Together in education,

Susan Verdi

Dear Tuscarora Elementary School Students, Staff, Parents, and Community,

As you may know, this afternoon the Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) Board of Education (BoE) appointed me to serve as one of two assistant principals at Tuscarora Elementary School (Tuscarora ES) effective July 1, 2020.

I am thrilled to be joining the exceptional staff, community, and administrative team of Tuscarora ES! What an exceptional school and wonderful opportunity! I look forward to the opportunity to serve you, the students, staff, parents, and community of Tuscarora ES during the new school year.

During my thirty-three (33) years in education, in two (2) states, and four (districts) I have served many exceptional schools. I now look forward to serving your exceptional school that is Tuscarora ES, and to becoming a Timberwolf.

Again, I am thrilled to be joining the staff, community, and administrative team of Tuscarora ES. I look forward to our work together beginning July 1, 2020.


John D. Ewald, Ed. D.

Tuscarora Pack Promise - Think Positive!

Tuscarora Pack Promise - Think Positive!

Tuscarora In the FNP

The Frederick News Post printed an article about the launch of video conferencing in FCPS. Tuscarora Elementary was featured as part of the system pilot! Check it out!

FCPS rolls out video conferencing as part of distance learning

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Update: TuES Student Personal Belongings and FCPS Property

Families should plan to pick up their child’s belongings and drop off school items the week of June 8th. Please place your child's name, grade and teacher's name on a piece of paper on your dashboard to assist with the process.

The schedule below will assist in a smooth process for dropping off and picking up items. If you have multiple students, please do your best to pick up during your youngest student's times.

There will be two stations based on student last names:

Front Office Entrance- Last names A-M

Bus Loop Entrance- Last names N-Z

Times: 9:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 3:00

Monday, June 8th- PreK and K

Tuesday, June 9th- 1st and 2nd

Wednesday, June 10th- 3rd and 4th

Thursday, June 11th- 5th grade

Evening: Thursday, June 11th- Any grade- 3:00 - 6:00


School staff will begin the process soon of cleaning out student desks and lockers. During the scheduled pick-up, families and students will stay in their car and your child’s items will be brought to you by a staff member.


Students leaving FCPS will return FCPS Chromebooks and chargers at the scheduled drop-off times. If you do not want to keep your chromebook for the summer, you may also drop it off during this time.

Other items they should return may also include:

  • Library books (teachers will provide your child's list of books)
  • Guided reading books
  • Classroom materials borrowed from teachers
  • Learning packets
  • Thursday folders
  • Musical Instruments

School Health Room:

Medication and items in the health office will also be returned to families. Pick up will be available to families on 6/2 and 6/3. Parents will remain in their vehicles and call the health room upon arrival. The School Health staff will call parents to arrange pick-up.


A Message From Our Counselors

Dear Timberwolf Guardians and Parents,

We are living through a part of history that is challenging for all of us. We are trying to look for the positive experiences and teach and encourage our children to be grateful and find some joy during these times. Below is a link to a COVID-19 Time Capsule activity. This activity helps children to recognize who they are right now. It also encourages them to think about some positive things about this unusual time. It may be fun to have your child complete parts of the time capsule activity or make their own original time capsule to open some time in the future. We are blessed to work with your children and we want to do all we can to help them to embrace today and encourage them to be excited about the future.

Please reach out to us on our emails if you have other needs. kathleen.leber@fcps.org and marisha.leber@fcps.org

Missing all of you,

Mrs. Kathy Leber (school counselor) and Mrs. Marisha Leber (behavior support specialist)

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Registration for both Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten will begin Monday, June 1. FCPS will begin a new online enrollment process that lets parents register their child for school through a secure website. Information will be shared via Find Out First and through updates in this newsletter when the registration process will continue. Parents will be able to upload required documents and attach pictures.

Required enrollment documents:

-Immunization and health records
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene form 896 Immunization Certificate
Documentation of a recent physical exam, recorded on the Maryland Schools Record of Physical Examination

-Proof of date of birth
One of the following: Birth certificate, physician's certificate, hospital certificate, baptismal or church certificate, parent's affidavit, or passport/visa

-Proof of residency
One of these: current property tax bill, current rental bill, current utility bill for water, gas, or electric

Watch for more information about enrolling students online, coming soon.

Tuscarora Elementary Tech Support

TuES Parent and Student Support are available on our TuES Website!

LIVE Tech Support Office Hours:

10:00 am -12:00 pm Monday through Friday


Tuscarora Elementary School

Dr. Kimberly Mazaleski, Principal

Ms. Belinda Fockler, Assistant Principal

Ms. Susan Thompson, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Kathy Leber, School Counselor

Ms. Marisha Leber, Behavior Support Specialist