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Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, January 8, 2016- A Week in Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I was so excited to come back and see the kids! I have missed them so much! Sounds like everyone had a restful break and we are ready to begin a new year with a fresh start. We are setting goals in all areas, academic and personal and remembering that we are a school family and we all deserve to feel safe and loved at school! We made a friendship snack together to remind us of that!

We started a new unit in Science on Forces. To investigate that concept further, we are using Mystery Science. I sent you an email about it on Wednesday. That information was provided by the makers of this program. Check it out A former teacher created it! The kids are really excited about it! It explores some of our units in a more hands-on way!

I sent home Scholastic book orders. PLEASE do not ever feel obligated to order. However, I did want to say thank you for all of the previous orders as I was able to use my points from those orders to purchase quite a few new chapter books for our library! THANK YOU!!

I am encouraging my students to begin reading chapter books if they aren't already! Expectations are higher now that we are getting closer to 3rd grade!! I have some beginning chapter books all the way to upper level ones. When book orders forms come home, consider looking for the lexile of the books. It's generally labeled under the book (Ex: LEX490 or LEX250). If you ever have questions about levels, let me know. I can also compile a list of great chapter books at any level too. Just let me know!

I am also encouraging the kids to know if they are picking books that are too hard or too easy. Rather than them relying on me to tell them. It is important that they are reading books that are just right and that they know the difference!! We practice this using the 5 finger rule. I've attached a picture below

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can brainstorm the long a sound (ai, ay, a_e) *I can brainstorm the long i sound (y like try, igh and i_e)

Reading: *I can determine the difference between fiction and non-fiction. *I compare and contrast fiction and non-fiction. *I can identity the text features of informational text (non fiction)

Writing: *I can write like a scientist. (We will work on this next week too. It takes some time to make that shift in thinking!)

Science/Social Studies: *I can describe what a force is (a push or a pull). *I can determine if an action word is a push or pull. *I can investigate how high my "hopper" will go depending on the force I apply to it.

Math:* I can group data into categories based on similar attributes. *I can represent a set of data sorted into categories. *I can use equations to show how the sum of the responses in each category equals the total responses collected.

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January Character Trait-Motivation and Hard Working

Keep working and never give up!

Items for next week

WOW! Next week is BUSY!!

We have a fundraising assembly on Monday, we have an early out on Wednesday (1:00 dismissal), Science Assembly on Thursday, and a pizza party because we won the Hip to Clip (Labels for Education) contest!! PLUS...all the other learning 'stuff'!! :0)

Upcoming Events

January 11- Magazine Sales Assembly

January 13- Early dismissal-1:00

January 14- Science Assembly(am), Pizza Party (pm)

January 15- Brag Tag Notes Come Home

January 18- NO SCHOOL- MLJ JR Day

January 20- Brag Tag Assembly-9:00