Carly's Tea Party!!!

With Real Food and Drinks!

We Put The Tea in Party!

Carly's Tea Party is a Once in a Lifetime Chance! There will be, instead of that invisible tea at the other lame places, you get the option of THOUSANDS of drinks! Instead of plastic cookies and fake cake, there's a whole MENU of appetizers, main course, and who could forget about desert?

Carly's Tea Party

Sunday, Sep. 21st, 12:30pm

Carly's House

Don't Forget to Wear Your Princess Costume! Pink Princess Wands will be Provided, if you Already have a Wand, Make sure it is on Full Battery! P.S. It will be on Miss Carly's Birthday, Bring a Present!

Does The Food Have Allergens?

Why of Course Not! No Peanuts, Coconuts, Gluten or Dairy!

All of Our foods were made by a Super Awesome Chef that is Waiting to be noticed for her Awesome, well, EVERYTHING. Trust me, I eat her food every day. She goes by the name of Momma.