Fairly Local

Abbey LaCroix

On the Rise

Fairly new band Twenty One Pilots from Columbus, Ohio is climbing up the charts. They recently released their first album as a signed band in 2013. and they recently just completed their second album, Blurryface. The release date is scheduled to be in May of 2015. The attention they're gaining from live performances and TV appearances is rocketing their career. During Twenty One Pilots performances, they do flips and crowd surfing, and they also wear ski masks.

The music style that Twenty One Pilots has created sets them apart from every other artist, making them very unique. The fact that they can't be classified into one specific genre also makes them pretty special. Twenty One Pilots have been categorized under the following genres: techno, schizophrenic pop, screamo synth pop, spoken word, emo rap, ukulele hiphop, alternative, slam poetry, electronic, electro rap, pop punk, and indie punk. Their following has grown due to the large range of music they play. Fans are exhilarated to see what Twenty One Pilots have in-store next.

Bumpy Ride

For the last couple of weeks Ms. Swinford's accelerated science class have been creating roller coasters. Students have been working on their roller coasters at least once a week during class time, and have been coming in on their own time during study halls and lunches.

Colton Gaeth's thoughts on the process is "it sucks." Kelly Dolgner says "The roller coasters are pretty interesting, because it's fun and teaches you about motion." As you can see, there are some conflicting opinions on the project.

The roller coaster project was assigned so that students could demonstrate Newton's laws of motion, and vocabulary terms. The kids have to supply all their own materials, and cannot use pre-made tracks. They must follow all the requirements, and it must be successful. Some of the requirements can be seen below There will only be one team that will emerge victorious.

Final Goodbye

On April 2nd, 2015 at 11:08 P.M., Spencer Smith left his band Panic! At The Disco. After ten years of his involvement in the band, he decided it was time for him to be done. The farewell note was posted online to the bands website. Spencer had realized he wasn't able to be there for the band the way he wanted to be, and the way they needed him to be.

Now, the band only consists of two members. Lead singer, Brendo Urie and bassist/backup vocalist, Dallon Weekes. While the fans were devastated by Spencer's choice, they respected and supported it completely. After all, Spencer wasn't the first member to leave Panic! At The Disco. Back in 2009, guitarist Ryan Ross left the band. Most fans still haven't recovered from his absence. But, one thing everyone needs to understand is that eventually everything comes to an end.