World War II


1. Describe what happened during Kristallnacht ?

During Kristallnacht the Nazis attacked Jews and destroyed Jewish businesses, synagogal and Jewish homes. Kristallnacht lasted 24 hours, and destroyed thousands of businesses, and synagogal. ( the Nazis arrested 3,000 Jews and put them in concentration camps) A few years later the Nazis put more of those Jews in concentration camps .

2. Describe the impact kristallnacht made on the Jews ?

The impact Kristallnact made on the Jews was the Jews had to go to concentration camp and they made them starve and die and broke many hearts of the family's . The Jews only ate meats that were prepared by Jewish law. There was also concern that anger with Israel will affect the Jews living in Germany.( The Jews didn't know where they were going to live because the Germans distroid everything they had )

3. Describe why Kristallnacht is explained as the night of broken glass ?

Kristallnacht was called the night of broken glass because there was so much broken glass on the street . The glass was broken because the Nazis threw there furniture at the windows . It took the Jews 6 mounts to replace all the glass ( the glass also hurt a lot of people because it got stuck in people's skin)

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