Hello All of my Food from the Tribe Triangle

I Tanner, created the idea for Banana Weekly a little bit ago. It was a normal day in CYT(Christian Youth Theatre) and we were rehearsing for Willy Wonka the musical on a Monday. At lunch break they had Bananas so I came up with MONDAY BANANA!!! So every time I went to CYT I shouted MONDAY BANANA!!! eventually it caught on and other people started saying it... Then I realized... Since people liked the randomness of the MONDAY BANANA then why don't I make a club. I called it Banana Weekly. Every week there were new people who could be any Banana Day. But that was KINDA BORING so I tried to come up with some fun ideas... I couldn't think of any but now I thought up Banana Legends. A Banana Legend is the story's that happened to the great Food of the Tribe Triangle. The Tribe Triangle is just the food pyramid. So enjoy my Site.


What's Your Tribe???

How would you describe your personality?

A. Wise and Smart

B. Are annoyed easily

C. Sweet and sassy

How do you show your emotion?

A. I Tend to keep a normal face

B. I Growl

C. I Cry

What's your Favorite type of Food?



C. Sweets

If you chose Mostly A then you are part of the wise Fruit Tribe!!!

If you chose mostly B then you are part of the Fruit Tribe's worst enemies The Veggie Tribe.

If You chose mostly C then you are the STRONGEST of the Tribes The Sweets Tribe.


Each week I'll try to add a game of the week. If you want to see a card game of the week on the site then write a comment for it. This week the Card Game is "BACK TO THE FUTURE THE CARD GAME" And when I say card game it doesn't have to be one it can be a card game it can be any type of game.

The Title above this is a link

Back to the future the card game is AWESOME!!! It's created by LOONEY LABS!!! They make the BEST card games!!! I'd try their games they are the most FUN!!! Back to the future the card game is a FUN, time travelling game. Now I know you probably don't want to read so I put a video about it down below.


Each week I'm going to add some links to songs that I like. This week I made a link to the Teen beach movie songs. The song I would recommend is Crusin' for Brusin' .


The Friends Betrayal

This legend dates back to the 1800's: There once was a very smart Banana who came up with lots of logical facts that no one else had before. His friends were very jealous so instead of being Positive and encouraging him, They decided they'd beat him up. Now there was one of his friends that was concerned and his name was Tomatoes. Since he cared so much he went to help Banana. After Banana had heard what was going to happen he went to get trained for battle. Banana was being trained as a NINJA and Tomatoes was being trained as a Knight. A couple days passed and they were ready for Battle. The Bean Bullies(Banana's old friends) showed up. They were all ready to fight. Tomatoes was trying to win... But he was beat up so bad that he couldn't move. Banana was by himself trying to beat up the Bean Bullies... When suddenly someone from the future showed up...