Birthday Party

Your invited to my best friends birthday party

We are going to suprise my friend tyler becuase he is turning 17 and i want to make this a great birthday for him so if you can do me any favors dont tell him anything about it i will take care of this i will just tell hi m to come to skate town at 8 p.m.

Birthday party

Saturday, Jan. 24th, 8pm

1825 Sycamore Ave

Racine, WI

We are going to throw a suprise birthday party for my best friend tyler and he loves going to skate town so if you can please bring some chips soda and other thing s you think that are need for his 17th birthday thank you soo much and be at skate town by 6:00 p.m so we can set every thing up by 8:00 p.m.

What we will do

8:00- 9:30 we will skate after we suprise him

9:30-10:30 We will eat dinner

10:30-11:30 We will open gifts

11:30- 12:00 we will go home