E-News Vacation Edition

Vergennes Union High School

VUHS Phone System - Update

VUHS is getting a 911 compliant phone system installed over the break. Phones will not be working for incoming calls. If you need to connect with someone over the break, please call the ANWSD central office at 802-877-3332 and leave a message for VUHS. You can also email me at staylor@anwsd.org.

COVID News - ANWSD Update

We have made it to another important milestone in this incredibly unusual year.- FEBRUARY VACATION! As always, we want to prevent a possible spike in cases in our region when we return from break, so we ask you to all be mindful of your activities and avoid those that might put our faculty, staff, and students at risk when we return. As with our prior vacation, we need to hear from you as soon as possible if you become ill or have another reason for not being able to return on February 22nd. The administrators will be checking in over the break to evaluate our staffing capacity to return. We don’t anticipate any issues, but giving as much advance notice as possible is very important and helpful. Knock on wood- we don't have much to report on the COVID-19 front. We had one additional positive here at VUHS but the person had not been in the school recently and had no associated close contacts. Enjoy the break and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Classroom Highlights - SAILS

Have you noticed that the stairs heading to the basement level look a lot brighter? Not only are they brighter, but they’re safer too! You can thank the students of SAILS Vocational Exploration for using what they’ve learned in their “Workplace Safety” unit and taking action to make our school safer. Mike Alexopoulos and Sam Visser spent two blocks cleaning and applying bright yellow tape to the stairs to make them more visible, which benefits us all. Great job Mike and Sam!

Want to know what else we do in SAILS Voc. Ex.? Not only are we doing projects for VUHS, like the stair taping, but we are also working at the Maritime Museum to prepare their fleet of pilot gig rowing boats for the 2021 rowing season! Sanding, cleaning, painting, and rebuilding boat parts are all a part of what a day can look like for Mike and Sam in Vocational Exploration at the Maritime Museum!

Parent Student Teacher Conferences are coming up

Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, March 3 and 4 in the afternoon and early evening. These will be virtual or phone conferences pre-scheduled through our online scheduler. The link to access the schedule is https://ptcfast.com/schools/Vergennes_Union_High_School. Please sign up for a block that works for you and if you need other arrangements, contact that teacher directly. We look forward to "seeing" you at conferences!

News from the Commodore Parent Teacher Group

The entire faculty and staff at VUHS was surprised and delighted to be acknowledged in such a kind and thoughtful way this week.

Dear Vergennes Union High School Faculty and Staff,

The Commodore Parent Teacher Group values and appreciates all that you do to keep our children engaged, safe, supported, active, fed, and generally cared for. Enclosed is a small token of our immense gratitude for the work you do every day. Even if you do not live in Vergennes, you still work here and are part of our community. We value you, and we are sure you will be able to find a fun or useful way to spend your Vergennes Green gift certificate!

Thank you for all of your hard work during this unprecedented school year!

~ The Commodore Parent Teacher Group

Introduce a Girl to Engineering

On February 25th from 9:15-1:00 Collins Aerospace is hosting a number of zooms to engage girls grades 4-10 in STEM (see schedule). Students may participate in as many or as few zooms as works for your schedules and can also leave sessions early to accommodate scheduling needs. We know that not all sessions fit neatly into varied school schedules. The first 36 students to register will receive a "swag bag" from Collins, however, there is no limit to the number of students who can participate. The registration deadline has been extended to the 24th. Students/guardians should register through this LINK.
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News From the School Counseling Office

Course registration should be complete by now. If your student hasn't yet brought home course registration documents for 21-22, they can be found HERE. Students without completed enrollment forms will be enrolled in courses according to their graduation requirement needs by their school counselors. There is no guarantee that other courses will be available later.

21-22 School Choice information including the application can be found HERE. Applications must be received by the school counseling office by Monday, March 1.

Summer Programs 2021

It’s not too early to be making plans for summer. The school counseling office will receive a variety of summer opportunities over the next several months. Click here to access a list of these opportunities for students currently in grades 7-12. We are not specifically endorsing any of these programs (because we are not familiar with all of them) and encourage you to further research any in which your student might be interested. As we receive additional program information, we’ll add it to this document, so check back weekly.

Check the school counseling page on the VUHS website often for other news and announcements. https://www.vuhs.org/school-counseling.php?