Library Media Minute

Westport Middle School Library

NOTICE: November 2 Last day to check out books

Due to the upcoming LFPL exit from our school library, Friday, November 2 will be the last day to check out books. (INSERT SAD FACE EMOJI HERE!) However, when we re-open in January, the new space will be worth the wait!

Classes can still book the media center computers until December 1, but during the month of December, the entire space will be off limits to students and staff before, during and after school while deconstruction and moving takes place.

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Free Electronic Resource - Gale Database

JCPS Library Media Services purchases the Gale Database subscription for each school and tracks usage. So far this year, Westport's usage has been slim. (Actually none.) The information provided through Gale is current, relevant, age-appropriate, peer-reviewed and continuously updated. The topics are broad and cover almost any standard. Please click the link below (which can be found on the Westport Middle School Libguides Resources page) and use this resource so we will be able to continue to have access to it in future years.

If you have questions about it, or would like to schedule a class in the library for modeling of researching on the databases, email Ms. Amy at

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Welcome Becky Hollkamp!

The Westport Middle School Library staff is complete with the recent addition of Ms. Becky! Becky Hollkamp comes to us from the Van Hoose Center and she has previous experience serving students in classrooms and school libraries. Please stop by, say hi and let Ms. Becky know how thrilled we are to have her.
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Chrome Extension - Screencastify

Screenasting is the process of digitally recording or streaming the output on the computer screen with or without audio overlays. While several extensions and programs exist for this, Screencastify is one that works incredibly well with ChromeBooks. Screencastify is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, and therefore makes it great for student projects.

Here is a YouTube tutorial about using Screencastify.

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Raid the library days!

If all goes well, Westport Staff will be able to come to the library and get resources (books, supplies, etc.) before LFPL closes up and moves out. These days are expected to be during the week of November 26-30. The LFPL staff have started moving books to other branches already, but hopefully there will be some good finds.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!