How there getting destroyed an how YOU can help prevent it!

Whats causing threats to our Wetlands?

  1. Drainage an pollution runoff from farms (Pesticide)
  2. Extraction of materials such as peat
  3. Agriculture (BIGGEST THREAT)
  4. tourism
  5. Industrial waste
  6. Construction of dams an dikes

There are MANY more these are just what i thought of off the top of my head.

Theres alot we can do to help control the distruction of our beautiful wetlands.

  • We can spread the word to let everyone know about the distruction of our beautiful wet lands.
  • Clean up crews to go to local wetlands an help cut back the trash/litter count in our wetlands
  • Pass laws to lesson the amount of industrial waste companys are aloud to release into wetland areas.
  • Create a policy for tourist to conserve wetlands like in national parks.

Wetlands are a wonderful place but why? What makes them wonderful?

Wetlands are extreemly beautiful places, not just because of there looks (which can sometimes not be very appealing at all :/) but the beauty inside them. Wetlands are home to MANY plants and animals. Mostly Amphibians, cattails, reeds an birds. but there are so many types of strange an beautiful living things that would not exist with out wetlands. This is why we need to protect there homes, because if they die out it will cause MAJOR impacts on our life as well. Not only the animals but wetlands help contain floods, what happens if they disappear? Wetlands also filter your water, whould you like to have to drink nasty water that makes you sick? What if your kids dont get to play around an get muddy at that little swamp like we did as kids, just because of our generations mistakes because " Its not our problem" but it is our problem. Help conserve wetlands today, an you wont regret it tomorrow.

Now that we've got you thinking would you like to learn more about the diffrent types of wetlands?

Swamps: This wetland like the others is were amphibians thrive, but theres something special about swamps an that is that they are the only wetland were trees also thrive. The trees also attract many species of birds

Marsh's: Here there in a layer of water covering they soil like a blanket all year long. With lots of cattails an reeds, fish an amphibians thrive here.

Bogs: This is a strange one. Moose, Beavers, an a variety of nesting birds thrive here along with peat (nutrition filled decayed plants)

Fens: This one the water is just underground causing the soil to be extremely damp creating an environment in which amphibians thrive.

65% of drained wetlands are for agriculture!