Black Swan Pub

By Jack Loudoun

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Black Swan Burn Bridge

One reason why The Black Swan is a successful business is because they run different events on special occasions. Such as on bonfire night they have a firework display and a bonfire, they also do more. These events attract customers because families want to get out and see these events. The Black Swan also have good quality food and they have good customer service, they are a family friendly pub so they allow children in there. Their is a 10 to 15 minuet walk from Pannal train station to The Black swan in Burn Bridge. This means that they want everyone to come into their pub.
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Up & Running

They are good because they have a good range of running trainers. They also sell good quality running wear and running equipment. Such as: treadmills, pedometer and fitness trackers. They also sell more electronic equipment which measure how much running you do. However the prices of their items in store are fairly expensive so some people might not go in because they can't afford it.