The Misfits

"The Speech"

The Misfits

Bobby, Addie, Skeezie, and Joe are what people call "Misfits", but thats just another name they can add to their list. Booby is the main character, and learns that middle school is tough: girls, his job, teachers, friends and bullies, but with the help of his friends he overcomes all the obstacles life throws at him. Joe is a good example of a "Misfit" he gays, and to top it off he has a crush on the popular kid: Collin. Addie is another "Misfit" she refuses to say the pledge, yet ends up taking it further than anyone would have thought. Skeezie is another "Misfit"because he eats like a hog and is super tall. The 4 kids that call each other the "Gang of 5" learn about love, loss, politics, popularity, and what it means to be a misfit., but all they really want is to get out of seventh grade alive.

The Speech

In this scene Bobby gives his speech on the No Name calling party. Bobby soon finds out that giving a speech is easy, and it helps when you have your friends by your side. This is a excellent part in the book because, Bobby finds bravery and also learns that being a "Misfit" is a accomplishment not a punishment. Bobby's speech is great and even Addie couldn't say anything bad. Kelsey ends up talking to Bobby at the end of the scene and so does his dad. This is a great scene and anyone who reads the Misfits will want to read more.

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