Trident Gum related to Mythology

Relation to Poseidon & his trident

Myth and God

Trident Gum is a brand of gum popular in the United States. Four years after the company was developed they made the slogan "The taste that is great for your teeth." The name Trident comes from the three Enzymes that promote dental health. Poseidon carries a three pronged spear that makes the name of Trident gum related to greek mythology.

Connection to Mythology

When trident is broken up into two different words tri and donti, the words combined mean three toothed. Poseidon's trident was used to fight the Titans in the war, in gum terms means plaque fighting and whitening power. The whitening part relates to Poseidon's white flowy beard.

Company Connection

Four out of five dentist recommend Trident for patients who chew gum.

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