Apr. 26, Vol. 32

UTD to VIsit GMS

We have rescheduled our UTD experience that was canceled due to weather in February. The University of Texas at Dallas will be working with students on Thursday to create a Rube Goldberg machine. We would like our students to wear their red STEM shirts for this event. (STEMbassadors should wear their "uniforms") Be sure to check Facebook and Instagram for pictures from this event!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is teacher appreciation week at GMS. We are so blessed to work on a campus of wonderful support staff and elective teachers. Please take time to send a "thank you" to our Pre-Athletics, Art, Band, Choir, office staff etc next week!

STAR Party

The Fort Worth Astronomy Society will be hosting a star view party on our campus on May 15th. This is a reschedule from the event we attempt to host in the fall during our digital astrophotography project. We plan to have time to picnic/play games etc before it gets dark and the star gazing begins. Stay tuned for more information!