Immigrate to Canada Vs Netherlands

Should you immigrate now or Wait ?

Introduction to the Smore.

In this Smore I will compare two things:

1: I will compare Canada now and Canada in the year 2040

2: I will also be looking at the status of Netherlands and compare the modern Canada to Netherland in 2040


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Hey, if you want to Immigrate to Canada what do you need to know ?

The things that you should be concerned about:

1: The Immigration Policy ( Is it fair ? )

2: The Demography

3: The Natural increase

Why are these Factors Important ?

1: The immigration policy will tell you if it is fair and if you meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada.

2: Looking at the Demography will tell you if the Economy/ Health care providence is strong. The death rate will tell you if the if the health care programs are good because the more the life expectancy the better the health care(The less people die).

3: The Birth rate and the natural increase will show us how greatly the population is growing and how well is Canada's Economy going to be and if you should wait to immigrant to Canada.

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Immigration System In Canada

There are the three main immigration policies (percent out of 250,000 immigrants each year):

1: Business class ( WORKERS that will help our Economy) 63.0%

2: Family immigrants ( This uses the POINT system) 26.1%

3: Humanitarian (refugees) ( They come through SPONSORS) 10.9%

The Point System

The point system is based on 6 different things :

Education: 25

Language Ability: 28

Employment: 10

Adaptability: 10

Age: 12

Experience: 15


Total: 100

Lets look at Canada's Demography

Demography Rap

The Demography Of Canada

Birth rate: 10.29 births/1,000 population

Death rate: 8.31 deaths/1,000 population

Immigration rate: 7.42 immigrants/1,000 population

Emigration rate: 1.76 emigration/1,000 population

Natural increase: 1.98 Birth-death rate/1,000 population

Net migration rate: 5.66 migrant(s)/1,000

Population growth rate: 0.76%

Population doubling years: 92.11 years

Life Expectancy: 81.67 years

Canada Area: 9,984,670 km2

Population Density: 3.55 per km2


Total Population Of Canada: 35,470,000

Birth & Death Rate

The Population Pyramid Of Canada 2014

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The Population Pyramid Of Canada in 2040

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How would these factors be in 2040? Well lets find out

Immigrants in 2040: 322,807

Emigrants in 2040: 60,257

Immigration rate: 7.5 Immigrants/1000 population

Emigration rate: 1.4 Emigrants/1000 population

Net Migration: 6.1 (262,550)Immigrating - Emigrating/1000 population

Population Growth rate: 0.62% (266,852)

Population Doubling rate: 112.9 years

Births in 2040: 266,422

Deaths in 2040: 262,120

Death rate: 6.09/1000 population

Birth Rate: 6.19/1,000 population

Natural increase: 0.1 birth - death rate/ 1000 population

Population Density: 4.3 per km2

Canada Area: 9,984,670 km2


Canada's Population in 2040: 43,041,000

Why Is The Birth Rate And Death Rate Almost Similar?

The birth rate and the death are about the same because in 2040 Canada will be in stage 4 which means that Canada would be totally developed and it's economy will be strong. If the economy is strong it means that Canada will no longer need to increase their population and therefore decreasing the average child per family to control the population growth. Also, is the economy is strong there will be less need for immigrants to Canada. That will make the immigration policy tougher and it will be harder to immigrate to Canada in 2040.
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Basic Information On Netherland

  1. Capital: Amsterdam
  2. Population: 16.8 million (2013)
  3. Official language: Dutch
  4. Currencies: United States Dollar, Euro

Netherlands Demography

Population: 16,805,037

Density: 493 per km²

Population Growth rate: (-0.35)%

Birth rate: 10.3 births/1,000

Death rate: 8.78 deaths/1,000

Natural Increase Rate: 1.52

Life expectancy: 79.55 years

Net migration rate: (-1.87) migrant(s)/1,000 population

Immigration rate: 6.01 immigrants/1,000 population

Emigration Rate: 7.88 emigrants/1.000 population