Flute Band-Demic

Week 6: April 20-24, 2020

A Note from Ms. Hoffman

Hey everyone!

Your assignment this week is:

  • Record yourself playing measures 27-End of you solo on pg 36/37 and upload it to "Week 37 eLearning assignment" in canvas by Sunday.
  • Review all the parts of the solo you have already learned.
  • Keep up with your daily warm up and scales! (Band placement music is coming soon!)

Check out the videos below to play along with your scale sheet 2! Make sure you are posting your scale pass-offs to Cluster!

If you missed the smore sent out on Saturday, we have a Kendra Scott "Give Back" event benefitting the Staley Band! The promo code is below. A GREAT mothers day gift!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Ms. Hoffman

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Zoom Check-In

I hope everyone gets a chance to check in with me via Zoom!
Not many people have been taking advantage of the open zoom meeting so I have decided to go to appointment only meetings.
  • My favorite part of my job is teaching students!
  • If you would like help on your music, rhythms, note names, positions, or any other question then please request a zoom meeting any time during my office hours by emailing me directly.

Pep Rally

We want everyone to start looking at 'Crunch Time' this week-it can be found at THIS LINK.

If you want to look for more music you can find more at THIS LINK. Note that there are a lot of folders and music options. The easiest way to get to YOUR music is by choosing the pdf with your instrument (large).

All this is secondary- so continue to focus on your solo and have fun! If you cannot print or just read the music off your screen please email me as I can send you a hard copy through the mail if needed.