5 surprises of the dustbowl

by josh leeming :0

to day i present to you the dustbowl



The dust bowl was a huge american crisis that affected texas and states near it. Over a nine year period dust storms raviged the fertile farmland in the area. After all was said and done only dust remained.

It would seem like an event that happened over 80 years ago would be old news but its not! It has many untold secrets suprises and conspiracies. today i will present to you 5 suprises of the dustbowl.

5 surprises

1. in 1934 a dust storm that built up in east colorado and kansas fley across the country into the atlantic ocean.

2. many famous books have been written about this event, most famously the grapers of wrath by john stienbeck.

3. dust storms crack with static electricity. flying dust could shock people with relativly low voltage but enough to hurt pretty bad.

4.people resorted to crazy methods to get rain. many people layed dead snakes belly up in the sun. one texas man payed a rain maker 500$ for his efforts

5. the dust storms released heards of grasshoppers and jackrabbits. people were desperate to end the dust storms and pests diddnt make their job any easier, so the caged and killed the rabbits many at a time.

2 key figures

The dust bowl was caused from 2 major things, overfarming, and drought
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2 effects

1. the dustbowl killed many people with its winds.

2. the dustbowl made farming near impossible

why did i chose the dust bowl?

my great aunt died in a dust storm. the process of demolishing a huge area in such little time amazes me.




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