Concerned Citizens

Juan Ortega

House of Delegates

Susan B. Hippen (Democrat)

Incumbent/ currently holding office- NO

25 Years old

Naval veteran

First woman to be section leader on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer.

She excelled in leadership roles in the military.

Married but now a Widow

Husband died to cancer

Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Appointed a member of the Virginia Board of Veterans services.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems at Saint Leo University while on active duty.

Ron A. Villanueva (Republican)

Incumbent- YES

45 years old

Married with family

Named Vice Chairman of the Transportation Committee

Served parts of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake since 2010

Youngest chairman in House Committee leadership

First Asian American and Pacific Islander to hold a chairmanship

Lost his sister at a young age

Donate Life Virginia (DLVA) acknowledges Delegate Villanueva for his commitment to supporting organ, eye and tissue donation in Virginia.

Platform Ideas

Susan B. Hippen (Democrat)

Education Issues:

No a) Do you support the national Common Core State Standards initiative?

Yes b) Do you support a merit pay system for teachers?

Yes c) Is the tenure process for public school teachers producing effective teachers?

No d) Should parents be allowed to use vouchers to send their children to any school?

No e) Do you support state funding for charter schools?

Yes f) Do you support the state government providing college students with financial aid?

Yes g) Should illegal immigrants who graduate from Virginia high schools be eligible for in-state tuition at public universities?

Economic Issues:

Yes a) Do you support government spending as a means of promoting economic growth?

Yes b) Do you support lowering taxes as a means of promoting economic growth?

No c) Do you support reducing government regulations on the private sector?

Yes d) Do you support increased state funding for job-training programs that re-train displaced workers?

Yes e) Do you support expanding access to unemployment benefits?

Yes f) Do you support providing financial incentives to the private sector for the purpose of job creation?

Yes g) Do you support providing direct financial assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure?


h) Do you support an increase of the minimum wage

Legislative Priorities:

In the following area, please explain in a total of 100 words or less, your top two or three priorities if elected. If they require additional funding for implementation, please explain how you would obtain this funding.

Equality for women and the LGBT community cost nothing to achieve.

Many of our transportation problems in Hampton Roads can be abated by introducing a "regional" mass transportation system. Energy-efficient buses and trains could transport passengers. Initial costs could be gained with rerouting of current bus services. An infusion of money from the transportation fund could initiate expanding routes.

Teacher pay must be increased. Schools need to be funded for the number of students they educate. Do not offset lottery money in budget.

Eliminate coal subsidies and luxury tax credits to initiate funding

Ron A. Villanueva (Republican)


The current House budget allocations to K-12 Education would allow for an additional $530.9 million for public education. This is a huge investment and I believe that it will pay off in the future. This initiative will provide our teachers with the tools and resources they need to provide our children with a better quality of education.


His determination remained instrumental in preserving NAS Oceana, one of the driving economic engines of Virginia Beach, from relocation. Coming from a military family was an invaluable asset, as Ron’s leadership helped bridge relationships within the civic, military and business community to preserve economic sustainability for the city.


Vice Chairman of Transportation committee

Has plans for new innovations

Many roads and highways are under construction.

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