History in the Making

LA 7 - Mrs. Pegher/Mrs. Quigley - Quarter 1

Welcome to 7th grade!

I hope all of you are as excited as I am about the upcoming year in 7th grade Language Arts! This year will center around four main units and each unit will be introduced at the beginning of the quarter. All units are packed with engaging reading, writing, word study and grammar learning experiences that will provide you will some wonderful learning opportunities.

Be the Change - Veterans Day

All of our units this year share a common theme - Be the Change. Unit 1 centers around Veterans Day, Monday November 11, 2013. We look at the veterans in our lives who have made a change in the world by being a part of the United States Armed Forces. In class, we will examine videos, newspaper articles, picture books, novels, poems, and much more to understand what makes a true patriot and determine how veterans are one of the many groups of people who make a change in our world.

At the end of the unit, you will be responsible for turning in THREE final writing pieces.

These three pieces are listed below:

1.) Veteran's Day Poem

2.) Patriot's Pen Essay

3.) Veteran Interview

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The Help Desk

If you are working on your assignments and it is not during class time, remember help is always at your fingertips! Just email your teachers :)

Mrs. Pegher - dpegher@orangecsd.org

Mrs. Quigley - equigley@orangecsd.org

P.S. Remember to share you work with us on Google Docs! If you don't we can't see it and we can't help you, if we can't see what's going on :)