How do sports bring people together

Audrey, Emma L, Cole S, Alex

Gymnastic's By: Audrey and Emma L

We believe gymnastic's brings people together because of teamwork.


Gabby, Ally, McKayla, Kyla, and Jordon

2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Team - I'm Your National Anthem

RUGBY By: Cole. S

Rugby brings people together by tailgating and the excitment of the game

Rugby World Cup 2011 - You Gotta Be There


Rugby was invented by William Webb Ellis

Rugby is played all around the world. Proffessionals, Colleges, and Kids play rugby

Rugby will be in the Olympics in 2016 in Rio.

As you can see kids from around the world play rugby

Football By: Alex

Football brings people together by fans of teams and the excitement

Hardest Hits in College Football 2012-2013 ᴴᴰ ✔

Many people watch football and go to football games

Football is mainly played in america, that is why people call it american football.