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Bally Chohan Job portal is the fastest growing network of regional job sites in the UK.

Looking for an opportunity to work overseas, than Bally Chohan Job is definitely your one stop solution. This Job portal was established in 2011 with an aim to provide support to the employers looking to recruit highly skilled professionals from India and other overseas countries.

Bally Chohan job portal has brought a revolution in the process of recruitment for both employers and the job hunters. Our Job Portal experts are ready to serve you all time; you can contact us anytime and get your query solved. Today it has been proved that online job portal has become the primary liking of employers and the job seekers for searching the job. It has bridged the gap between the vacancies and the job seekers by a single click only. Our job portal helps in placing the right talent to the right vacancy following a systematic approach.

Bally Chohan Job Portal is a one stop solution for all job seekers looking to work overseas. We have team of experts that help you in getting overseas jobs. This is the only portal where on one hand job hunters can upload their resume in single click while on the other hand employers can post abundance of jobs. Working in an overseas location is every youngster’s dream. They all dream to work in Dubai, London or in the United States of America. We have many overseas companies on board that keep on recruiting young talent from India.

Best answer to the most frequently asked question in job interview!!

If you are looking for a job change and are scheduled for an interview. One of the most frequently asked question during an interview is “why did you leave your previous job?” Most of the candidates answer this question wrong and hence could not succeed in getting the desired job. Remember, the interviewer will judge you in many ways with your answer to this question.

We request you top read below tips carefully and chose one that suits you the most. You have to introspect yourself carefully before deciding on this answer.

The work allocated to me was beyond expectations. Make sure that you have solid reason to defend yourself when you come up with the reason. You need to convince interviewer that the job you are in right now does not have any challenge and there is not scope for any growth. Just tell him in plain words that you are looking for some healthy challenges and looking to work hard to achieve your goal.