Mrs. Walldorf's Homeroom

December 2017

Science and Social Studies...

I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving celebration! One of the many things I give thanks for is all of my students! Now December is here and we have a busy couple of weeks before we are out again. We have been focusing on the water cycle for the past week and a half, and will take a test on Tuesday. This leads us into what I would consider our most interesting unit, but also the most extensive unit - our unit on weather. There is a lot of new vocabulary in this unit, so encourage your student to bring home his/her binder frequently to review, and use the online Discovery Ed Techbook as a resource. (The majority of our glossary words are from the weather unit).

In Social Studies, we are studying the 13 colonies. This week we have been learning about the New England Colonies. We will be focusing on the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies and how they were similar and different. Social Studies and Science are not the only things going on in our classroom....please see below for some dates to have on your calendars.