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A Brief History

The first stagecoaches were built in 1827 and costed between $1,200-1,500. They weighed over two thousand pounds. Stagecoaches were commonly used for mail delivery. The first stagecoach was built by the Abbot Downing Company. If you sat on top with the driver, you were in charge of watching for attackers with the posability of being shot. Hence the term "riding shotgun"

Importent People

The first stagecoaches were built by the Abbot Downing Company in 1827

Advantages and Disadvatages


~ comfortable

~holds up to nine people

~they carry a lot


~not that fast

~weighs over a ton

~costs a lot of money

You should buy my stagecoaches because they are better, stronger and faster then ever before. Also, there just awesome! They're really comfortable

Why they are important to ND

They were practically the first cars with four horsepower and never ending mileage.
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