Elementary Technology Newsletter

December 2015


December 7-11 was "Hour of Code" week all over the world. The movement to teach students how to code is growing as more and more jobs require these types of skills. Not only does coding teach students a new "language" it works on their problem solving skills, logic and creativity. Personally I started having my son "code" when he was in Pre-K. Anyone can learn how to do it. Below I highlighted some apps and sites that you can go to learn to code for free. I challenge you to take 30 minutes and try one of these activities.



Computer science is for everyone | Hadi Partovi | TEDxRainier


Google Classroom - A Differentiation Strategy

"Tweeting" in the classroom

Want to give your students the power to tweet without giving them access to social media? Tammy Worcester has created a Google Form and Spreadsheet that will allow your students to safely "tweet" their ideas and findings from class. The result is a "Twitter" board that you can project in class. Check out the link below for step by step instructions. **Note: Tammy has lots of GREAT resources on her site. If you aren't interested in Twitter, look around and you may find something else that better fits your class.

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