How To Keep Your Blog Safe

...In 6 easy steps!

Keeping your blog safe is an important part of blogging, so you need to know how to do it!

When using a Blog, you want to be careful not to put things in it that you don't want the whole world to see.

Anyone can look at your blog so you need to be careful with it!


Step #1: Consider your privacy settings.

Most blogging websites give you the opportunity to make your video private and only people with a specific link can get on to it.

Step #2: Personal information.

When making a blog there are many things you definitely want away from random people. Avoidi ncluding you're address, age and your full name, though a first name on it's own wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Step #3: OTHER people's information.

When making your blog as well as keeping YOUR information safe, you also need to keep others safe as well. Even though you might be safe other people may be put at risk.

Step #4: Checking your post.

A good idea is to always proof-read your post before you submit it, for things , such as personal information, that you don't want to release to the world.

Step #5: Checking your photos.

When/ if you upload a photo on to your Blog, you will want to make sure it is a picture you are happy ANYONE seeing, you don't want to upload a picture that you wouldn't want future employers to see and then you end up not getting your dream job.

Step #6: Keeping your blog safe.

NEVER tell people your password or leave your computer unattended with your blog signed into, as people might write things on your blog that you wouldn't want on there, pretending to be you.

Now, keep these tips in mind, and have fun with your blog!

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