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"You're Awesome Baby!"

It's Halftime and Team LIS is motivated to win the "school year". The statistics are looking amazing as our teachers are running up the score in the academic growth, student motivation and positive school culture columns. Our teachers are breaking records in the categories of leadership, perseverance and creativity. During the second half of the year we know our teachers will take the lead in making connections to learning as we all move closer to the homestretch in anticipation of the big "win"!

6th Grade LAL Reports!

LIS Morning Study Hall - Providing Support and Promoting Leadership!

Persuasive Essays!

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Cooperative Learning - Up and Out of the Seats!

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Fridays Philly Phanatic - "Little Ax"

Really Cool Project and Motivators!

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Students Celebrate 6th Grade Teachers!

Yummy Pancake Lesson in Room #52 - Measure and Make!

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LIS Kids Love the Bug House!

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"Thomas Be Good!" - Chuck Berry Inspired Presentation!

Dates to Remember!

Week of Feb. 1

G & T Testing

NWEA Testing - Gr. 5

Monday, Feb. 1 – 4B Day – Faculty Meeting – 3:45 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 2 – 5A Day- Grades Due for Q2

Wednesday, Feb. 3 – 5B Day

Thursday, Feb. 4 – 6A Day - Report Cards go home with Students

Friday, Feb. 5 – 6B Day – 9:00 AM-2 MP VIP Assembly - Report Cards go home with Students

Week of Feb. 8

G & T Testing

AIMSWEB Math 4th and 5th

Monday, Feb. 8 –4A Day – Faculty Meeting – 3:45 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 9 – 4B Day

Wednesday, Feb. 10 – 5A Day

Thursday, Feb. 11 – 5B Day Pretzel Grams

Friday, Feb. 12 – Professional Development Day