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Get well soon in India with basal cell carcinoma treatment at best price

India is developing its technology with pace. Beating cancer is easy now with advanced techniques and skilled persons qualified to treat various types of cancer. Skin is our protecting blanket of body. Its covers complete body preventing from other disorders. Skin cancer is divided and one of its kinds is known as basal cell carcinoma. To fight with severe disorders many patients travel to India for it’s credited medical facilities. Basal cell carcinoma treatment in India is reasonable and effective.

It is the type of cancer which starts in the deepest layer of skin. It shows up with an epithelial cell tumor which is malignant. Starting with a small papule, small and hard elevation of skin. This enlarges peripherally, it also pains because of crusts that bleed. The surrounding tissues get damaged which are situated underlying the skin. Usually the lesion is observed between the hairline and upper lip in majority cases, we can say about 90 per cent.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Correct diagnosis is main stay to cure oral cancer, there are advanced techniques as follows

Biopsy- a small portion of skin is removed and observed for infected cells. The basal cells will detect cancer cells in biopsy if there is growth of unhealthy cells.


The surgical incisions are used for treating basal cell carcinoma. One is standard surgical excision method or mohs surgical method. Other methods are ELECTRODESICCATION AND CURETTAGE, cryosurgery, radiation therapy, Laser therapy, topical therapy, photodynamic therapy. All the therapies work differently on various kinds of cancer cells. Some needs medications which activates by sunlight, or some needs radiation for complete destruction. The treatment methods depend upon the size, location and depth of basal cell area affected by cancer cells.

The most effective treatments for skin cancer are offered by Indian hospitals and doctors with advanced technology matching international standards. The treatment methods have given positive results according to patient’s condition along with perfection in performing surgeries which is only possible with good skills and experience.

India cancer surgery site are leading medical tourism consultants ready to help foreign patients to seek best and satisfying surgery option in India. With an experience of ten years and more providing premium low cost cancer surgery in India assures their patients to gratify in every aspect. Before surgery pre – consultations and all arrangements are catered by team serving utmost care.