Painted Turtle

By: Selena Leyendecker

Native land and Habitat

The Painted turtle lives mostly in North America.It can be found in slow going fresh water and southern Canada,Louisiana,northern Mexico,Atlantic to Pacific.


This popular reptile eats algae,small water creatures,insects,crustaceans,and fish

Size and Life Expectancy

The painted turtle were known to live for 50 years when in captivity,which means the'll be your companion for a long time.With a proper diet,housing,and care there expected to live for 25 to 30 years.The large western painted turtle rarely exceeds 8 inches in length,and the southern are not larger than 6 inches.Eastern and midland are 7 inches.


Painted turtle prices varies based on where your going to get your turtle.

Pet smart ~ 30.00$

Turtle sale website ~ 59.95

Daily care as a pet

~ Painted turtles are very shy which makes them not like to handled a whole lot,but if you do it enough the'll get used to it

~ They have large appetites so feed them frequently

~ They can live in water for there whole lives or have some land

~ They need temp. of 80-95 F

Confinement system

They can be in a tank with water and or land

Legal in Wisconsin

Yes the painted turtles are legal

Special permit

No you don't need a permit

Common health problems

~ Ear infections

~ Vomiting

~ soft shell

~ decreased appetite

Special reqiurements

Wash before and after handling your turtle to not get salmonella

Reproduce in captivity

Pros and cons as a pet