Class and Personal Finance Project Introduction

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and start to the new year! Now that we are a week into the second semester and on the countdown to graduation, I wanted to send you an update on what the students will be up to this semester. We have transitioned to Economics which is considered a new classes for them. During Economics, there is a big focus on preparing the students for life after high school so, there are a few aspects of our class that are different from last semester.

1) Class only meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week just like a college class would. On Tuesday and Thursday, I hold Office Hours, just like their college professor, to encourage them to get in the habit of seeking out their teachers for help and also, to adjust their time management skills to a college like schedule. During Office Hours, students are allowed to research or work on homework in the library or come to my classroom to study, get help and work. I will work on personal finance with them and do economics reviews during the Office Hours sessions.

2) We are working on a Personal Finance Project this semester. We began this project today in class and I would love to invite you into the conversation with your student! We are addressing budgeting, taxes, writing checks and paying bills. We began today by creating their monthly budget for January, began balancing their bank account and wrote a check for their first bill. Later in the semester, the students will get to create businesses, invest in the stock market and file their taxes.

I have stressed to the students that you, as parents, are great resources for them and asked them to start conversations with you as well. Here are some topics I suggested to the students but, I welcome you to share your experience and wisdom with them as well.

  • What was the best and worst financial decision you made?
  • How do you budget your money?
  • What does your tax form look like?
  • Can you show me how you file your taxes?
  • How much gets taken out of your check for taxes?

I hope this can be a fun and worthwhile experience for your student. If you have any questions, as always, just let me know.

Have a wonderful evening,

Ms. Donnelly