6 Traits of Writing

Nicole Theobald

6 Traits of writing


  • Excellent writing has a clear message, purpose, or focus
  • Choose a a topic that interests you and fits your assignment

  • Effective writing has a clear beginning, middle, and end

  • The best writing revels the writing voice
  • Speak in an engaging way that keeps readers wanting more
Word Choice

  • Good writing contains strong words, including specific nouns
Sentence Fluency

  • Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the other

  • Good writing is carefully edited to make sure its easy to make sure its easy to understand

Conventions Rockin' the Six Traits of Writing

Writing Processes

The first thing you do thing in the writing processes is brainstorm. Th e second thing you do is prewriting. The third thing you do is you rough draft which means to make changes to your writing.The next thing to do is to evaluate your writing. After you evaluate you have to make the revisions to you writing which is to make the changes. You next have to edit. Finally you have to publish you writing.

The Writing Tools

The first thing you have to do is to decide what your topic is going to be. Once you have decided what your topic is going to be you have to do the big ideas also known as one's. Next you have to do the tell me more's also known as two's. You might have to have more than one tell me more. Once you have done that you have to do conclusion sentence. An easy way to get you topic sentence and your conclusion sentence is to use your Core Four.


The number statements

  • also
  • another
  • equally important
  • finally
  • first
  • furthermore
  • however
  • in addition
  • in contrast
  • in fact
  • next
  • initially
  • on the one hand\on the other hand
  • one
  • second
  • third