Mrs. Otto's Odds and Ends

River Oak Christian Academy 5th Grade

Next Week's Fun

Celebrating Christmas next week:

Students can wear jeans on Monday IF they wear Christmas socks.

On Tuesday they should wear jeans and a red or green collared shirt (or green spirit wear)

On Wednesday we are having Jammies Day (girls, please wear shorts/leggings underneath any jammie that does not have pants)

Math - We will be spending the next 2.5 days reviewing what we have learned so far.

Science - Monday there will be a quiz on the second part of the sound chapter. Tuesday will be finish the chapter with the test.

Bible - We will review what we have learned thus far and play some bible trivia games.

Reading - We will make great advances trying to finish our book on Charlotte Doyle.

English - Monday we will finish the chapter different types of books. Your child was encouraged to bring their English workbook home and review the chapter review questions. We answered them in class to make sure they were correct.

Tuesday we will finish our study on sound with the test.

Wednesday we will enjoy a class party!!

Improving Responsibility and Respectful

Wednesday we had a class meeting on how to make our class more responsible, fair, and respectful. It was interesting as the students nailed each of the three areas I was most concerned with: blurting out, not completely class jobs, and turning work in late. I asked the students what consequences they would suggest to keep everyone accountable. Let me just say we have some that feel pretty passionately about consequences, but we took votes:

This is the outcome:

Blurting out during lessons: 2 wisdom tickets

Undone class jobs (milk count, sharpening pencils,

erasing board, etc.): 10 tickets

If work is not turned in when due:

Work must be done during recess plus 5 wisdom tickets

If not completed by 2nd day, miss recess and 10 tickets

If not completed by 3rd day, no grade.

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Keion Grieve Star Student

We were not able to get a photo yet with Keion as Star Student. It will be forthcoming!!

Our next star student will be Jonah Taggart the week after we return.

Birthdays Next Week

Kiersten Spears December 20

Keion Grieve December 22

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