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January 6, 2022

SNOW DAY - Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a SNOW DAY. There will not be any in-person school or distance learning. The student's assignment is to ENJOY the day, play outside, drink hot chocolate, watch movies, etc!!

For future snow days, we follow Cranston public schools. You will receive a text message and it will be broadcast on the news outlets. Cranston has made the announcement on their website already for tomorrow. There are rare times when we may call even if they don't. That's usually based on power outages or another building-based reason.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Jot Form - Submit all test results HERE

Jot Form is our new, HIPAA-compliant way of keeping track of testing results. If your child takes any type of COVID test; antigen, PCR, or at-home, for any reason, please click this link and fill out this short form.

**All students that are considered close contacts should use this form to report their testing results.

COVID Test Results

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent and teacher conferences will be held virtually on Monday, January 31st. Teachers will be sending out sign-ups next week. We look forward to discussing the progress your child has made this year!

Upcoming Dates

January 17th - No school

January 24th - No school PD day

January 30th - Open House - Start of Catholic Schools Week - Student Council Spirit Week

January 31st - No school for P/T conferences

February 8th - Confessions @ 12 pm for grades 3-8


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We are united by our Christian vision and values to empower our students to become creative, compassionate builders of the future.